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The Coolerado, named after the US mountain state in which the device was developed, is a completely environmental friendly unit that utilizes either solar power or mains power, water, and natural energy to provide environmentally affordable cooling for domestic, commercial or industrial environments.

The system does not use or require any harmful chemicals or refrigerants, does not utilize copper pipe work or even a energy hungry compressor to provide comfort cooling. The only electrical components are a solenoid valve, control panel and supply fan.

Fresh air is drawn into the unit by means of an energy efficient fan. The air then passes through a filter to remove any impurities, and then enters a number of chambers known as HMX’s  (heat and mass exchanges).The air that enters the exchanges is separated into two different air channels, the first channel is the working air which removes the heat from the supply air, the second channel is the product (supply) air, which provides the cooling to the area.


Compared to a standard air conditioning system, a Coolerado AC unit sufficient to cool a building of 3,000 sq. feet (sufficient for 20 people) only needs 600 watts of power, about 1/3 the amount needed to operate a standard hair dryer, to run it. This is compared to a standard unit which needs around 6,000 watts to operate.

The uniqueness of the Coolerado unit’s design has resulted in articles about it being published in a number of environmental and business publications, including The Green Hour, Earth Times, as well as the Coolerado receiving a Renewable Energy Award from the State of Colorado in January 2009.

 The units carry a 5 year limited warranty and most of all, they use all natural cooling elements and absolutelyNO CFC refrigeration gasses.


The COOLERADO name and logo is a registered trademark of IDALEX Technologies USA, and is used with permission.


It's SMART and EASY to be COOL and GREEN.